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“Bridging the Gap” Medical Interpreter Training Program at Colorado Language Connection - Training S

For Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training 2018 Schedule please go here:

Bridging the Gap, created by The Cross Cultural Health Care Program, is a 40-hour professional development course that trains bilingual individuals to work as medical interpreters in hospitals and clinics. The course introduces attendees to critical skills required for successful interpreting in the medical field.

Topics covered in the training course:

Introduction to critical interpreting skills: the roles of the medical interpreter, code of ethics, mode of interpretation, managing the flow of an interpreted session, memory development

Culture and its impact on interpreting: cultural barriers, culture brokering, culture of biomedicine

Healthcare information: an overview of the healthcare system in the United States, culture of biomedicine, anatomy, medical procedures and terminology

Communication skills for advocacy: listening skills, communication styles

Professional Development: Effective communication, professional conduct, resources for professional growth.

Course environment: active, student learn through participatory training techniques, including role-playing, group discussions and practicing medical interpreting.

Who can benefit from Bridging the Gap training?

1) Bilingual healthcare providers and professionals who also serve as interpreters in the workplace

2) Community navigators who provide interpretation in a clinical settings

3) Bilingual individuals who wish to pursue a career in professional medical interpreting

4) Bilingual individuals who wish to become a certified medical interpreter.

** For interpreters to be eligible for national certification from NBCMI and/ or CCHI, they need to complete a minimum of 40-hour interpreter training.

Bridging the Gap meets the training requirements that interpreters need to qualify for national medical certification from the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) and Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI).

Colorado Language Connection is holding Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training on a monthly basis at Asian Pacific Development Center.


The course fee is $525 and includes:

- English Proficiency Pre-assessment Test

- ‘Bridging the Gap’ textbook

- Bilingual medical glossary (available in 20 languages)

- Guide to common medications

- Certificate of Completion (upon successful completion of the BTG course and passing the final exam)


Upcoming “Bridging the Gap” training schedule 2017:

Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Location: 1537 Alton Street, Aurora, Colorado 80010

*Participants must attend week 1 and 2 to complete hours and receive a certificate of completion.

January 2017

Week 1: Fri 1/20, Sat 1/21 & Sun 1/22

Week 2: Sat 1/28 & Sun 1/29

February 2017

Week 1: Fri 2/10, Sat 2/11 & Sun 2/12

Week 2: Sat 2/18 & Sun 2/19

March 2017

Week 1: Fri 3/10, Sat 3/11 & Sun 3/12

Week 2: Sat 3/18 & 3/19

April 2017

Week 1: Fri 4/14, Sat 4/15 & Sun 4/16

Week 2: Sat 4/22 & Sun 4/23

May 2017

Week 1: Fri 5/12, Sat 5/13 & Sun 5/14

Week 2: Sat 5/20 & Sun 5/21

June 2017

Week 1: Fri 6/9, Sat 6/10 & Sun 6/11

Week 2: Sat 6/17 & Sun 6/18

July 2017

Week 1: Fri 7/7, Sat 7/8 & Sun 7/9

Week 2: Sat 7/15 & Sun 7/16

August 2017:

Week 1: Fri 8/11, Sat 8/12 & Sun 8/13

Week 2: Sat 8/19 & Sun 8/20

September 2017

Week 1: Fri 9/8, Sat 9/9 & Sun 9/10

Week 2: Sat 9/16 & Sun 9/17

October 2017

Week 1: Fri 10/13, Sat 10/14 & Sun 10/15

Week 2: Sat 10/21 & Sun 10/22

November 2017

Week 1: Fri 11/10, Sat 11/11 & Sun 11/12

Week 2: Sat 11/18 & Sun 11/19

December 2017

Week 1: Fri 12/8, Sat 12/9 & Sun 12/10

Week 2: Sat 12/16 & Sun 12/17

*These monthly BTG training are delivered over two weekends, and participants must attend both weeks to complete the hours.

**These dates are tentative and subject to change. Visit our website for the most up-to-date training dates.

***Applicants are eligible to register up to one week before the first day of training.


To register, please contact Jennifer Wanifuchi at 303-923-2945 or Agi Oseth at 303-923-6877.

For more information about Bridging the Gap please visit our website at

Colorado Language Connection, a division of Asian Pacific Development Center, is licensed by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program to offer Bridging the Gap training in Colorado.

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