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Our linguists are highly qualified, fully trained native speakers with expertise in subject matters relevant to your specific industry. Colorado Language Connection strives not only to provide superior quality language solutions, but also to retain lasting relationships with our clients through cost-effective pricing, first-class customer service, and consistently accurate work.


Accurate communication, whether verbal or written, between patients and healthcare providers is crucial to quality patient care and to minimize potential medical errors due to misunderstanding. With increasing numbers of diverse patients served in healthcare facilities every year, Colorado Language Connection has helped hundreds of providers throughout Colorado to reduce linguistic and cultural barriers between caregivers and patients.



Colorado Language Connection acts as the voice for individuals who face challenges in communicating in English. Our language resources have helped K-12 schools, institutions of higher learning, and non-profit and other educational organizations to deliver crucial information to students and their families. Our professional linguists can meet your interpretation and translation needs for the following situations: parent-teacher conferences, truancy, academic performance, and more.

We help local and state governments to deliver meaningful and accurate information to recipients who have Limited English Proficiency, ensuring the agencies are in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Our highly trained linguists have the experience and expertise to assist government agencies with situations such as these: legal consultations, forms, legal documents, booklets, regulations, and marketing or other communication materials.

Our expertise makes us the best choice to assist when language needs arise in legal matters. Whether you need an emergency interpreter for legal consultation or certificate translations with a quick turnaround, our linguists will bring the highest degree of care and accuracy to the project. Colorado Language Connection can meet your interpretation, translation, and transcription needs for any of the following legal proceedings: immigration, court hearings, attorney/client meetings, arbitrations, mediations, depositions, sworn statements, and more.


Our language expertise helps businesses, ranging from small firms to large corporations, to communicate their brands effectively to diverse customers based in the United States and in the global market. With our top quality language solutions we can help your business capitalize on market opportunities and bridge the communication gap with communities you want to serve.

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