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Colorado Language Connection provides affordable and high quality transcription services for clients nationwide. We can convert recorded voice from most media, such as MP3, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, tapes, and more to written text.

Whether you are recording a meeting, interview, podcast, focus group, church sermon, lecture series, or legal proceeding, our professional transcriptionists can deliver accurate and timely text in a written document with the format of your choice (.docx, .pdf, .txt).

All our projects undergo multiple quality control checks, including editing, revision, proofreading, and final review to ensure our clients receive the highest quality transcriptions.


  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Business meetings

  • Church sermons

  • Lecture series 

  • Legal proceedings 

  • Focus groups

  • Conferences/meeting calls

  • And more!



  • Audio File (MP3, .VMA, etc) 

  • CDS

  • DVDs

  • Audio Cassette Tape

  • DVR (Digital Voice Recorder)

  • Internet

  • And more!

Please note: If the recorded voice is stored in analog tapes, our transcriptionist will convert it to digital before we start the transcription process. For analog tapes, please send or deliver them to our office (1537 Alton Street, Aurora, Colorado 80110) with attention to Language Resource Manager, Jennifer Wanifuchi. We will confirm via email once we have received the tape.

Our professional transcription services includes the following:

We can convert recorded voice from most media, including:

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