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Who are the refugees? How did they arrive in the US? Where are they located in Colorado? This presentation will go over the basics of refugee resettlement process and talk about the contributions that the refugee community has made in Colorado.

For more details and information about this training, please contact Harry Budisidharta at or 303.923.6370

Our training will cover the following subject matters that are relevant for audience to learn the basics about refugees:

•    Who are the refugee?
•    How do people become refugees?
•    What is the difference between Refugee vs. Asylum Seeker?
•    How many people with refugee status are resettled to the United States and Colorado annually?
•    What is the process for a refugee from fleeing their home country and to resettle in the USA? And what is the process of resettlement looks like?
•    What are the challenges/ barriers that the refugees are facing as they are resettling in a new place?
•    What are the economic impacts and contributions that the refugee community has made in Colorado?
•    Additional topics: terminology and vocabularies related to refugees

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