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We are recruiting interpreters and translators for all languages!

If you are a talented bilingual individual who resides in Colorado,

you could become a successful interpreter/translator at CLC!


Our Interpreters assist various organizations such as schools, hospitals, clinics, law offices, government agencies, and other community service organizations.

Do you have a passion for language?

Do you have experience in the interpretation and                                 translation field?

Would you like to earn extra income during your free time?

Our assignments include but not limited to: hospital/ clinic visits, medical consultation, parent teacher conferences, court hearing, community outreach, victims assistance, workers compensation, legal consultation, insurance/ financial consultation, business negotiation and much more. Our assignments include in-person and phone appointments. 


Job Type: Independent Contractor/ Freelance Interpreters/Translator



- Demonstration of bilingual speaking ability.

- Excellent listening skill, and the ability to maintain a high level of accuracy.

- Pass background check.

- Willingness to travel to independent locations and have reliable transportation.

- Completion of a Professional Interpreting Training Course such as 40-Hours/ 64-Hours Bridging The Gap Training. 


*Please note: this requirement does not apply to RID-certified ASL Interpreter

Please email your resume and interpreter training/ course to:

Talented and Professional Bilingual Interpreters and                              Translators  are encouraged to apply


                       We offer competitive pay!

*We are looking for CONTRACT interpreters and translators

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