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Medical Interpreter Training Program

Bridging the Gap is a professional development course created by The Cross Cultural Health Care Program that provide the training bilingual individuals to become professionally trained and qualified interpreters. This course will provide an introduction to various skills and topics required for successful interpreting in the medical field. 



In light of COVID-19 break out, we  are postponing our training so we could practice social distancing and protect each other.

We are currently working on customizing training materials so we can make the online training possible.

Please check back for new dates to be posted here. 

Please email tsukkynguyen@apdc.org if you have any question or if you would like to know about any update regarding future training. Thank you for your understanding.

What does the Training cover? 

  • Basic interpreting skills. Roles, ethics, conduit and clarifier interpreting, managing the flow of the session.

  • Codes of ethics. Codes of ethics and decision-making for interpreters in health care.

  • Integrated medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. Introduction to common terms, procedures, and specialties relating to human physiology and health.

  • Interpreting in mental health. Specialized strategies and skills that apply to the unique demands of mental health settings.

  • Information on health care systems. Introduction to the health care systems and types of health care providers.

  • Culture in interpreting. Self-awareness, basic characteristics of specific cultures, traditional health care in specific communities, culture brokering.

  • Communication skills for advocacy . Listening skills, communication styles, how doctors think, appropriate advocacy.

  • Professional development. Effective communication, professional conduct, self-care, resources for professional growth

About The Course

Total tuition: (40 Hours) $550

                          (64 Hours) $725

Includes non-refundable $150 registration fee, course textbook, bilingual medical glossary if available in your target language (if not available participants will receive an English-English glossary), mental health glossary, the Guide to Common Medications, and a signed Certificate of Successful Completion, if applicable.


Training dates:(See detailed schedule on top of the column)

Students must attend all hours of the training. CCHCP reserves the right to cancel a class that does not have minimum enrollment.


Location: Asian Pacific Development Center
1537 Alton Street
Aurora, CO 80010

Admission Requirements:

Minimum age and education:

  • Participants must be 18 or older and have a high school degree or the equivalent. Proof of high school graduation or GED, etc. is required.

  • Participants must be bilingual in English and at least one other language, and proof of proficiency in both languages is required to enroll in the class.

Proof of language proficiency can be copies of any one of the following documents:​

  • Copy of high school diploma

  •  GED certificate

  • University/College degree from a school using the assessed language(s)

  • College/University Transcript.

  • 5 or more years of verified professional experience working in the language(s) being assessed.

  • State or federal court interpreter certification

  • Oral language exam results with scores equivalent to mid level/intermediate or higher.

  • If you have other certificate/document that is not listed here and not sure if it is accepted as proof of proficiency, please email a copy of that document to tsukkynguyen@apdc.org. Email will be responded within 1-2 days.

If applicants do not have any prior proof of language proficiency:

  • If applicants do not have any prior proof of language proficiency, the registration process will include a speaking and listening assessment conducted over the phone. These are scheduled through ALTA Language Services at a time that is convenient for the applicant. Once a language assessment is scheduled, the applicant will receive a phone number to call and instructions to begin the assessment, which is approximately 20-25 minutes long. The maximum possible score is 12; a 9 or higher is required for admission.

  • Email tsukkynguyen@apdc.org to schedule test

For cancellation:

Cancellation made 72 hours after registration date, $150 deposit will not be refundable. 


Please contact Tsukky Nguyen at 303-923-6877 or email Tsukky Nguyen at tsukkynguyen@apdc.org to schedule your Language Proficiency Assessment or for more information of the admission requirements.

Registration & Enrollment Procedure


1. Copies of the following should be submitted within this registration form:

  • Copy of high school diploma, GED certificate, or university/college degree

  • Proof of language proficiency (if available)

2. Payment of $150 non-refundable deposit via paypal, check, money order, or cash.

Checks and money orders should be made out to Colorado Language Connection.

Any necessary language assessments will be scheduled and conducted upon receipt of the deposit.

3. Make sure to fill in and sign all required fields in the application and scan through email to tsukkynguyen@apdc.org . You can send it through the physical address below:

Colorado Language Connection

Attn: BTG Trainer/ Tsukky Nguyen

1537 Alton Street

Aurora, CO 80010

4. Once we have received proof of language proficiency or proficiency assessment results, you will receive an email message to complete the enrollment process. You will also receive an email message if you did not pass the language proficiency assessment.

5. Confirm your attendance and pay remaining course fee.

Bridging the Gap: Interpreter Training

Licensed by The Cross Cultural Health Care Program

        Bridging the Gap is a professional development program that prepares bilingual individuals to work as professionally trained and qualified interpreters. It is used to train novice and experienced medical interpreters, and it is accepted by both accredited national certifying bodies, the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI). No interpreting experience is required to take the class.


Interpreter Culture


Basic characteristics of Specific Cultures

Traditional Healing Practices

Culture Brokering

Diversity within Cultures

CLICK HERE to download Application 



Colorado Language Connection accepts payment for Bridging the Gap Training and Language Proficiency Testing through PayPal.

Click the PayPal Buy Now  button below, and follow the instructions to complete your payment. Please make sure to enter the correct amount.

After entering the Description and the Amount, you will be able to log into their Paypal account if you have one or enter your debit card/ Credit card information.

Note: If you are paying the non-refundable deposit for BTG January Training, please make sure to write in Description box : 

Bridging The Gap (month) 2020 (Partcipant's Name) 






Tsukky Nguyen 

(303) 923 6877


Check out our blog post and gallery from our most recent Bridging The Gap training. CLICK HERE!!

Mini Gallery and Comments Corner


- Bohyun Kim - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"As a person without any experience of interpreting, I was a bit ervous to take this class at first. But Tsukky made it really fun and comfortable, Classes started early in the morning and lasted long hours but I never wanted to miss any class. Everything I learn in class was valuable to me." 

- Alan Guzman - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"Tsukky is thorough and friendly! She gives you all the resources to do well in the scenarios and makes the class fun!"

- Gilda Bittolo - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"This training gave me very valuable knowledge about guidelines and ethical concerns of being a medical interpreter.

Two Thumbs Up!!"

- Thanh Nguyen - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"The training helps me better prepared and understand the role of a medical interpreter. I have a great and valuable experience with this class. A highly recommended training for anyone interested in the medical interpreting profession. Tsukky is very knowledgeable about the profession. At the end of the training, everyone gets along with each other pretty well so it is refreshing to experience something like this again after leaving college :)"

- Steffana Montoya Ortiz - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"The trainer is so nice and patient, she always answers every question I have and wants the best for everyone."

- Nadia Sotelo - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"I think this training is really good to everyone who want to become a professional interpreter because everything that is taught in the training really help you understand all that is needed, from medical terminology to the rules to follow as an interpreter.

Thank you, Tsukky!" 

- Hugo Ayala - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"My evaluation for this class: 100%.

I've learned a lot.

Great Teacher.

Great Group.

Great Training. 

Thank you!" 

- Marianela Hernandez - Participant of Training in January 2020 wrote:

"Excellent. Very intense, but EXCELLENT.

A lot of information condensed in 64 hours, clearly and very well presented. Thank you!"

- Chiara Maria Zani - Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"The training was extremely helpful, interesting, enlightening and fun!

It was a great experience to be in this course with many wonderful people from different countries and culture. And our trainer, Tsukky Nguyen, is very skilled, patient and inspiring. I am coming out of this training more professional and confident in my work as an interpreter - more competent even. 

Loved to learn about interpreting in mental health setting. 

Very well-thought-out-training!! 

- Marlyn Aguirre - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

" I am so thankful for the opportunity to sharpen my interpreting skills. It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to be transparent and accurate in the interpreter role. Bridging the Gap gives you the tools and resources to be successful in this role."

- Thao Doan - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

" This is a great training. It helps me become a better interpreter. Tsukky is a very nice and knowledgeable trainer. She makes class very fun and entertaining."

- Boyeon Kim - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

"I learned a lot. It was a great class. Thank you Tsukky, You are the best!"

- Rene' Corral - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

" This course will prepare medical interpreter to their full potential, so it can be ensured that patient-clinician understanding is at its best."

- Bertha Montiel - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"It was a great experience! Tsukky was awesome!"

- Yingqi Chen - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

"The program helps me a lot. What it teaches are very helpful. including all the ethics and terminology. The trainer is very nice, responsible and knowledgeable."

- Maria Leon- Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

"This training is extremely informative and extremely helpful. I feel prepared and confident in becoming a medical interpreter."

- Carolina Rosales - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

"This training has helped me as an individual to grow as to give me an ability to help other. Tsukky is an excellent trainer."

- Maria Lourdes Buffil - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

"Tsukky is a great instructor, she is so smart and professional, always willing to clarify any question I had throughout the training, I really learned a lot with her."

- Karla Hernandez - Participant of Training in November 2019 wrote:

"Tsukky was very patient. Great way of teaching and getting everyone in class to be comfortable in participating. Thank you!" 

- Aracely Alba -  Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"Definitely recommend the hands-on training. You will gain a lot of knowledge and Tsukky is by far, well trained to help you understand medical interpreting role. Highly Recommended! 


- Sabitra Niroula - Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"I learned so much from this training that I did not even think was possible: how to intervene, how to advocate and it is okay for cultural brokering, if done right. It is the best we can do for the clients.


- A'Klay Kyaunghtee - Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"I am so glad that I took Bridging The Gap training. I have learned a lot from this training to be a better interpreter. I love the course and the trainer.

I am grateful!"


-Violeta Villegas Marquez - Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"Had a great experience taking this course.

Very informative and helpful. 

Thank you so much!" 


-Ayat Farajalla - Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"BTG Training is one of the best classes I have attended. 

I learned so much from Tsukky and my classmates, especially about the different cultures, the similarities and differences. 

Definitely recommend it!"

- Elizabeth T. - Participant of Training in July 2019 wrote:

"I learned so much about interpreting with this class. there is so much more to it than I originally thought.

Tsukky is great. She gave us a chance to ask questions and gave us time to process the material before moving on to the different topic."

- Hala Abdelmawla - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"Very helpful training. Tsukky is very kind and I like the way she introduces the material." 

- Ruby Beccerra - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"Thank you for teaching us how to be a professionally interpret, Tsukky!"

- Selene Garcia de Kapoor - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"I loved this course because it allowed me to learn and to update my professional skills, not just in the medical interpreting field but as an interpreter in general. Ms. Tsukky is a great professional trainer because she has the knowledge and wisdom to guide classes. Thanks!" 

- Mayra Armstrong - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"Taking this training helped me understand the ethics about medical interpretation. I learned so much in this training. Tsukky is very knowledgeable and fun."

- Omar Palacios - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"BTG is an interactive, creative and professional training that helps anyone who wishes to become a qualified professional medical interpreter.

Tsukky is very knowledgeable with many years of experience within different interpreting settings. She is fun, creative and always cares for people. Worth taking this course!"

- Ariani Jimenez - Participant of Training in September 2019 wrote:

"This training is a must!!! Tsukky is great at what she does, and this will give you the tools to be a better professional."