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At Colorado Language Connection, we offer the highest quality of standards, rapid response and extensive language availability throughout Colorado. For Interpretation, we provide in-person interpretation, phone interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI). Further, We also provide translation and transcription services.

“To connect cultures and people through language by providing quality interpretation and translation services for those of our community who are marginalized due to language barriers.”

“To create a peaceful world achieved by an inclusive environment where every member has an active voice in the future of themselves, their families and their communities."



Colorado Language Connection tests and interviews all of our interpreters and translators personally.  Our team of professional linguists undergo a background check for the safety of our clients and compliance. Additionally, we provide regular training to ensure all of our CLC interpreters and translators are using the most up-to-date best practices. 

Each of our professional interpreters brings a varied background and diverse experiences that help Colorado Language Connection tailor our services to your specific need. 

Understanding your request and how best to fulfill your need is the foundation of Colorado Language Connection. Where others categorize some languages as “obscure” we think they are easy to fill requests. We are known for being able to handle the “tough assignments”.

Colorado Language Connection is a fee-for-service component of Aurora Mental Health and Recovery (AMHR). Proceeds from services help sustain community programs offered by AMHR, creating a self-supporting non-profit organization. Utilizing CLC services is one way to directly support the immigrant and refugee communities.






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