Colorado Language Connection offers Language Proficiency Testing for individuals who need to assess their language skills for employment or training purpose. The proficiency testing is provided through a third party company and administered at Colorado Language Connection’s office. Over 85 languages available for testing.



Writing Assessment for ALL LANGUAGES is $140 per test per language, non-refundable. Duration of writing assessment is 60 minutes. The written assessment is conducted remotely appointment-based schedule with online proctoring included. 

Proctored tests must be performed on desktop computers, laptops ( Chrome books not accepted). Proctored tests cannot be performed on smart phones, Chrome books and tablets of any type (ipads included). Additional requirements can be found at the website below: 
At the time of the assessment, the candidate will follow the instructions to first connect with their proctor who will check the performance of the webcam, microphone, and internet connection. The ProctorU representative will then verify the identity of the candidate and check that the room is empty. The proctor will also remotely connect to the candidate’s computer in order to watch their movements physically through the webcam and digitally through their computer. 



Please make the payment by clicking the "Buy Now" button. Please enter in the description box: the type of the test (Oral proficiency or Written), the language, and participant's name.  Please also enter the correct amount in the Price per Item.


To schedule a language assessment please email to the following information:


  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Language to be tested

  • Email

  • Phone number


For additional information about the language testing please contact Agi Agriloka at 303-923-6558