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ONLINE Interpreter Support Group Schedules 2024

Dear Interpreters, do you feel overwhelmed at your job?

Feeling constantly overwhelmed and emotionally drained after your interpreting sessions? Do you start to notice feeling isolated because nobody understands the stress of your work, and yet you carry this emotional burden with you every day? We understand that feeling. Let's connect and talk about it. As we recognize the need for mental wellness among our interpreter peers, Colorado Language Connection is pleased to host a monthly support group for interpreters. Interpreters from all states are welcome to join us!

This support group provides a safe space for interpreters to share their personal experiences and emotions stemming from their profession, which can be stressful, emotional, and even traumatic. Our goal from this support group meeting is to strengthen our mental health resilience, foster hope and build solidarity among interpreters. Come join us! Learn something new or to support others!

The meeting session kicks off with a 5-10 minute guided meditation, followed by sharing stress relief and self-care resources. The remaining hour is dedicated to a focused and structured open discussion among meeting participants.

Interpreter Support Group Guidelines To ensure our meeting is a safe place, the following guidelines are followed in our support group meeting:

  1. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings, but try to keep it within 5 minutes timeframe.

  2. Please avoid side conversations, or cross-talk, where two people chat excluding others. Everyone should have the chance to express themselves without interruptions.

  3. We aim to support each other, not to fix problems. We're not offering advice or suggestions.

  4. Keep things confidential. What's said in the group stays in the group, unless someone's safety is at risk

Disclaimer: This meeting is intended for general support, discussion, and sharing of resources among interpreters related to stress relief and self-care. It is not a substitute for professional mental health counseling or therapy. Participants are encouraged to seek appropriate professional advice and assistance for their individual mental health needs. The organizers and facilitators of this meeting are not licensed mental health professionals, and the information provided should not be considered as a replacement for professional mental health services.

Our support group meeting will start on time at 630pm.

Interpreter Support Group Meeting Schedules 2024

Location: ONLINE

To register/questions: email Agi

Video link to the meeting will be emailed the day before to registered participants

Meeting Facilitator: Erha Agi Puspita Davis

Thursday, 02/29 630 - 8pm MT

Thursday, 03/21 630 - 8pm MT

Thursday, 04/18 630 - 8 pm MT

Thursday, 05/30 630 - 8 pm MT

Thursday, 06/13 630 - 8 pm MT

Thursday, 07/19 630 - 8pm MT

Thursday, 08/29 630 - 8 pm MT

Thursday, 09/12 630 - 8 pm MT

Thursday, 11/21 630 - 8 pm MT

Thursday, 12/19 630 - 8 pm MT


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