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Certificate vs. Certification for Medical Interpreters: What is the difference?

Lately, we have been receiving questions about Bridging the Gap in regards to the certificate of completion issued by the Cross Cultural Health Care Programs, and we would like to clear up some of the concerns about this training.

After completing the BTG course and passing the test, students can call themselves a professionally-trained medical interpreter. However, in order to receive certification in medical interpreting or to be a certified medical interpreter, interpreters must take and pass the written and oral exam either from the National Board Certified of Medical Interpreter (NBCMI) or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) to get that credential.

Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training meets the required training needed for interpreters to qualify for national certification by the National Board of Certified Medical Interpreter (NBCMI) and Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI).

Unfortunately, the choices of languages offered by NBCMI and CCHI are very limited, and for that reason, most hospitals and clinics accept BTG as the accepted medical interpreter training for their healthcare staff who work or/and serve as a medical interpreter.

Languages offered by NBCMI:

Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese

Language offered by CCHI:

Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic

Here is a great article that talks about certifications in medical interpreting:

Medical Interpreting Certification in the United States: a comparison

If you know anyone who wants to work as a medical interpreter, or is planning to obtain their national certification, we encourage them to take Bridging the Gap training.

Who can benefit from training?

1) Bilingual healthcare providers and professionals who serve as interpreters in the workplace

2) Community navigators who provide interpretation in a clinical settings

3) Bilingual individuals who wish to pursue a career in professional medical interpreting

4) Bilingual individuals who wish to become a certified medical interpreter

Colorado Language Connection, a unit of Asian Pacific Development Center, is licensed by The Cross Cultural Health Care Program to offer Bridging the Gap training in Colorado.

For more information about Bridging the Gap, training schedule, and registration please visit our website at or contact Jennifer Wanifuchi at 303-923-2945 or Agi Oseth at 303-923-6877

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