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We deliver high quality interpretation services through in-person, Video Remote Interpreting, and over-the-phone

Document Translation


We offer diverse corporate and personal support to translate documents in several fields.

Diverse Languages


Over 75 languages available, including American Sign Language

Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA)


Language Proficiency Assessment is available in both oral and/ or writing forms. More than 85 languages available for testing.



We convert video and audio recordings into documents.

Bridging the Gap: Medical and Mental Health Interpreter Training

Medical Interpretation training is available for individuals interested in starting their interpretation career or for interpreters already in the field looking to gain expertise knowledge and a certificate of completion.

Workshop for Interpreters Professional Development


Colorado Language Connection offers several workshops with various topics for interpreters of all levels interested in developing their interpreting skills and knowledge.

Cultural Competency Training for Organizations


We provide a variety of cultural trainings for organizations ranging from language access planning implementation to best practices working effectively with interpreters.

Interpreter Group Support


Mark your calendars for Monthly Interpreter Group support. Our goal from this support group is to strengthening our mental health resilience, hope and solidarity among interpreters in Colorado. 



1537 Alton Street

Aurora, Colorado 80010​


8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Monday - Friday



We are currently experiencing high volume calls in our office, and it is taking us longer than usual to answer phones and respond to voicemails. If you have an urgent request for interpreting please complete CLC online interpreter request form   or email so we can respond to your inquiry faster

Young Doctor


Colorado Language Connection provides interpretation, translation, transcription, language proficiency assessment, and training for community providers and interpreters. With over 75 languages available, Colorado Language Connection is the leading provider of linguistic and cultural competency resources in Colorado with a proven track record servicing diverse professionals for over 25 years.


Colorado Language Connection is a fee-for-service component of Aurora Mental Health and Recovery (AMHR). Proceeds from services help sustain community programs offered by AMHR, creating a self-supporting, non-profit organization. Utilizing our services is one way to directly support Colorado's immigrant and refugee populations.

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