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Colorado Language Connection provides fast, accurate, and affordable phone interpretation services to accomplish your communication objectives. Phone interpretation works well for medical scheduling, appointment and meeting reminders, brief appointments, and emergency situations in which immediate assistance is needed. Our telephone interpretation services are also effective when interpreters cannot be in the same location as the clients.

Our over-the-phone interpreters are available 7 days a week and provide the same quality service as our in-person interpreters. CLC representatives can quickly connect you with highly skilled over-the-phone interpreters whose expertise aligns with the subject matter of your industry. We assure that our clients’ requests are handled promptly and accurately with the utmost care.

We offer telephone interpretation services suitable for situations such as:


- Medical Emergencies

- Patient Scheduling/Reminder calls

- Parent-teacher conferences scheduling/reminder calls

- Legal consultations

- Business teleconferencing

- General phone call needs

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