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Our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) fills the gap between on-site and phone interpretation services, allowing you to gain the benefits of face-to-face interaction with our professional interpreters conveniently delivered through a computer. You can now access a large pool of our professional interpreters from anywhere without having to worry about the cost associated with travel fees and mileages. Our VRI supports over 80 languages, including American Sign Language.

Organizations in remote/ rural areas often find that it is a challenge to access professionally trained interpreters for people with limited English proficiency, especially when the language is not widely spoken in the area.  Even if interpreters are available to travel to the site, travel charges can be significant. And for elderly or hearing-impaired populations phone interpretation might not be a satisfactory alternative.


With quality video and audio delivered from our video remote interpreting, service providers in remote areas now can have virtual face-to-face interaction with our qualified interpreters while still receiving the same quality interpretation as the on-site interpreters.


Our Video Remote Interpreting does not require complicated setup; all that's needed is a high-speed Internet connection and a computer equipped with a microphone and webcam.


We also provide free training/ demo to help you get comfortable with our Video Remote Interpreting system! We pledge to go above and beyond, including assisting with technical support issues and other general questions so that you are comfortable with this new feature.


 Ready to schedule your Video Remote Interpreting?

Give us a call at 303-923-2945


  • Easy to set up and use; requires only a desktop/tablet equipped with webcam, microphone, speaker, and high-speed Internet connection

  • Available on most devices: Desktop PC, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones*

  • Clear video and audio quality

  • Secure internet connection with a private encrypted network to meet with HIPAA compliance

  • Screen sharing available to display written documents

  • Allows connecting multiple parties while physically located at different locations

  • Access to skilled and highly qualified interpreters with diverse backgrounds, including medical, legal, human resources, and business

  • Interpreters are experienced in facilitating communication in video remote interpreting settings

  • Customer service team ready to assist clients with technical issues and/ or general questions

  • No additional fee for setup; on-site interpreting rates apply, with a minimum of one-hour interpreting

  • Supports over 80 languages available, including American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Available Nationwide!


  • Ideal for organizations/ agencies in rural areas where access to qualified on-site interpreters is very limited

  • Cuts down travel fees associated with on-site interpreters who have to travel long distances

  • Delivers more personal experience through virtual face to face interaction than phone interpreting

  • Ability to see facial gestures/expressions and other nonverbal cues which cannot be picked up through phone interpreting

  • Excellent option for a one-on-one conversation or with several people in the room

  • Ideal for Medical and Behavioral Health Consultations, Employee Orientation/ Training, School Meetings, Legal Consultations, Police Interviews, Business Meetings, Workshops and for other settings where a skilled interpreter is not available on-site

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation

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