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Another Successful Training - November 2019 Bridging The Gap

When the leaves are falling and when Colorado are at its best vibrantly colorful visual, we held another Bridging The Gap session at Colorado Language Connection. We completed the training successfully with 100% rate. Everybody was happy with their achievement.

Class Picture - November 2019

On our picture day, Carmen came up with the idea of having everybody wearing all black except for the trainer, namely, me, was voted to wear all white. I had to "negotiate" and in the end we settled with me wearing black too so I would not have to stand out too much, but I promised to wear a bright colored blazer, and I did, and I picked the Broncos colored blazer for Colorado Spirit!

"This course will prepare medical interpreter to their full potential, so it can be ensured that patient-clinician understanding is at its best. - Rene' Corral -

"This training is extremely informative and extremely helpful. I feel prepared and confident in becoming a medical interpreter." - Maria Leon -

" This is a great training. It helps me become a better interpreter. Tsukky is a very nice and knowledgeable trainer. She makes class very fun and entertaining." - Thao Doan -

"I learned a lot. It was a great class. Thank you Tsukky, You are the best!" - Boyeon Kim -

"The program helps me a lot. What it teaches are very helpful. including all the ethics and terminology. The trainer is very nice, responsible and knowledgeable." - Yingqi Chen -

"This training has helped me as an individual to grow as to give me an ability to help other. Tsukky is an excellent trainer." - Carolina Rosales -

"Tsukky is a great instructor, she is so smart and professional, always willing to clarify any question I had throughout the training, I really learned a lot with her." - Maria Lourdes Buffil -

"Tsukky was very patient. Great way of teaching and getting everyone in class to be comfortable in participating. Thank you, Tsukky!" - Karla Hernandez -

Thank you for reading our blog,

See you next training at Colorado Language Connection!

- Tsukky Nguyen-

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