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Bridging The Gap - September 2019 Session

Class Picture - BTG September 2019

Another Bridging The Gap - Interpreting Training session took place at Colorado Language Connection this September 2019.

We had a lot of fun learning and sharing work experiences with each other.

"Taking this training helped me understand the ethics about medical interpretation. I learned so much in this training. Tsukky is very knowledgeable and fun." - Mayra Armstrong

"BTG is an interactive, creative and professional training that helps anyone who wishes to become a qualified professional medical interpreter.

Tsukky is very knowledgeable with many years of experience within different interpreting settings. She is fun, creative and always cares for people. Worth taking this course!" - Omar Palacios

"Very helpful training. Tsukky is very kind and I like the way she introduces the material."

- Hala Abdelmawla

"Thank you for teaching us how to be a professionally interpret, Tsukky!" - Ruby Beccerra

"It was a great experience! Tsukky was awesome!" - Bertha Montiel

" I am so thankful for the opportunity to sharpen my interpreting skills. It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to be transparent and accurate in the interpreter role. Bridging the Gap gives you the tools and resources to be successful in this role." - Marlyn Aguirre

"I loved this course because it allowed me to learn and to update my professional skills, not just in the medical interpreting field but as an interpreter in general. Ms. Tsukky is a great professional trainer because she has the knowledge and wisdom to guide classes. Thanks!" - Selene Garcia de Kapoor

"This training is a must!!! Tsukky is great at what she does, and this will give you the rools to be a better professional." - Ariani Jimenez

Join us in our next training!

Learn, laugh, practice and experience with us!


From Colorado Language Connection

October, 2019

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