64 Hour Bridging The Gap Training in Summer 2019

Bridging The Gap Training - July 2019

We had such a successful and fun training this Summer. Everybody bonded over experiences, stories that we shared with each other during the training.

We want to thank these great participants who have joined Bridging The Gap Training at Colorado Language Connection. We thank them who have sought out this training, who have invested their time and energy; we want to celebrate their determination for improvement to strive to become professionally trained and qualified interpreters to work and help the community!

We learned and laughed and practiced together through out the training.

"Definitely recommend the hands-on training. You will gain a lot of knowledge and Tsukky is by far, well trained to help you understand medical interpreting role. Highly Recommended! - Aracely Alba -

"I learned so much from this training that I did not even think was possible: how to intervene, how to advocate and it is okay for cultural brokering, if done right. It is the best we can do for the clients. - Sabitra Niroula -

"BTG Training is one of the best classes I have attended.

I learned so much from Tsukky and my classmates, especially about the different cultures, the similarities and differences.

Definitely recommend it!" -Ayat Farajalla -

"Had a great experience taking this course.

Very informative and helpful.

Thank you so much!" -Violeta Villegas Marquez -

Near the end of the training, we had a picture day so everybody could have these pictures as souvenirs and so all the memories could be kept here.

"I am so glad that I took Bridging The Gap training. I have learned a lot from this training to be a better interpreter. I love the course and the trainer.

I am grateful!" - A'Klay Kyaunghtee -

We are so happy to announce that our July class had 100% passing rate. Everybody passed with flying colors! Yay!

"The training was extremely helpful, interesting, enlightening and fun!

It was a great experience to be in this course with many wonderful people from different countries and culture. And our trainer, Tsukky Nguyen, is very skilled, patient and inspiring. I am coming out of this training more professional and confident in my work as an interpreter - more competent even.

Loved to learn about interpreting in mental health setting.

Very well-thought-out-training!! - Chiara Maria Zani -

"I learned so much about interpreting with this class. There is so much more to it than I originally thought. Tsukky is great. She gave us a chance to ask questions and gave us time to process the material before moving on to the different topic." - Elizabeth T. -

"Interpreting is a big gift to all the limited-English-proficient- residents. It protects all residents from unwanted situations."

- Moti Siwakoti -

I will let these happy smiles in these lovely pictures speak for themselves!

Join us in our next training!

Learn, laugh, practice and experience with us!


From Colorado Language Connection

July, 2019

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